DNA Testing Farmington DE


DNA Testing Farmington DE

Health Screenings USA provides DNA testing at testing centers in Farmington DE for paternity, immigration and family relationship purposes and at other local area testing facilities. DNA testing Farmington DE centers are located in most cases within minutes of your home or office.

To schedule a DNA test at an Farmington DE testing center, please call (800) 219-7161

Health Screenings USA provides DNA testing Farmington DE services in a confidential, courteous and helpful manner and we recognize that needing a DNA test can at times be stressful. Health Screenings USA is committed to taking the stress out of a stressful situation when scheduling a DNA testing Farmington DE location.

In addition to our DNA testing Farmington DE centers, Health Screenings USA also has DNA testing locations throughout Kent County, DE.

Many DNA tests are needed due to a question regarding paternity. Health Screenings USA can if needed, schedule a DNA test where the child is located in one city and the alleged father is located in another. Also, when the parents do not have a cooperative relationship, Health Screenings USA can accommodate different scheduling times so that all parties have limited contact. DNA testing Farmington DE centers can schedule the DNA test with all parties and coordinate the entire process.

Health Screenings USA utilizes AABB certified laboratories for all DNA testing Farmington DE services and results are usually available within 5 business days from the time the DNA specimen is collected.

DNA paternity testing is the use of DNA profiling to determine whether two individuals are biologically parent and child. A paternity test establishes genetic proof whether a man is the biological father of an individual, and a maternity test establishes whether a woman is the biological mother of an individual. Tests can also determine the likelihood of someone being a biological grandparent to a grandchild. Though genetic testing is the most reliable standard, older methods also exist, including ABO blood group typing, analysis of various other proteins and enzymes, or using human leukocyte antigen antigens. The current techniques for paternity testing are using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP). Paternity testing can now also be performed while the woman is still pregnant from a blood draw.

DNA testing is currently the most advanced and accurate technology to determine parentage. In a DNA parentage test, the result (called the ‘probability of parentage) is 0% when the alleged parent is not biologically related to the child and the probability of parentage is typically 99.99% when the alleged parent is biologically related to the child. However, while almost all individuals have a single and distinct set of genes, rare individuals, known as “chimeras”, have at least two different sets of genes, which can result in a false negative result if their reproductive tissue has a different genetic make-up from the tissue sampled for the test.

DNA testing Farmington DE centers also provide DNA testing for immigration purposes when establishing biological family relationships for submission to the U.S Department of State and immigration services. Health Screenings USA can also schedule a DNA testing procedure for family members who are located in different countries. Health Screenings USA can coordinate the entire DNA test with U.S Embassies and other governmental agencies to ensure that the DNA test is completed with proper chain of custody procedures.


Health Screenings USA is pleased to provide DNA drug testing Farmington DE services for paternity, immigration and relationship purposes throughout the State. Call today, (800) 219-7161.